FOOD ME is a group of foodies living in Tokyo, which is recognized as the food capital of the world.  We have access to the most difficult tables in Japan and eat at the best tables in the world, and in many cases we don't agree with the scores or stars of famous restaurant guides.  And so, we are going to share how these restaurants should be rated. 

Here's how:

  • Ballots takes place when at least 5 members have dined at a restaurant
  • The highest score is 10 and lowest is 1
  • The average score from the ballots is our rating
  • The review is written by the member who gave the highest score
  • For B-kyu gourmet (daily affordable food, including ramen), recommended restaurants are listed without any score

Our Manifesto:

  • We will introduce Japanese food culture to the world
  • From B-kyu gourmet to haute-cuisine, we will spare no time, money, and effort
  • Love, Peace and Happiness by fine dining

Please note: we cannot book restaurants listed here for you.  Also, we are definitely not food critics.  We're here to provide a reference of what foodies like us think of restaurants you might be interested in. 

Bon Appétit!

FOOD ME are.....Akiba Otaku, Chop Wood, Dollar Zoo, Fat Tongue, Professor, Tokyo Rocks